About Us

Chiang mai removal company
Our main business is a packing and shipping company.

We have been open for nearly five years now and our staff have great skill in picking up and packing goods efficiently and without causing any damage.

We have many regular wholesale and retail customers all over the world and also help with relocations for customers returning back to their home countries.

The moving work we are now doing is a relatively new venture for us but does make full use of our proven abilities.

We have also opened up our warehouse to use as a storage facility, advantages with using us are that we regularly fumigate our warehouse and is 2m above ground level and we have never had a flood or moisture problem.
We also protect goods from rodents and insect borers. As part of the export business we now manufacture exclusive customer designs.

So whether you would like goods manufacturing, goods to be shipped abroad or imported, home or office moving work or self storage work we can help.
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